You Can Buy A Bazooka Bubble Gum Pack That Looks Just Like It Did In The ’80s

Do you remember Bazooka Bubble Gum? Well, now you can purchase a throwback pack of it and it looks exactly like it did in the 1980s! Bazooka Candy Brands officially launched a product to invoke nostalgia in everyone who remembers this popular gum from the ’80s and it’s inspired by the original packaging with the ’80s graphics and all.

The original gum will also be wrapped in the flavor’s original classic comics. According to the brand’s manager, the biggest demand they’ve received from consumers was to bring back the comics. They heard you!

bazooka bubble gum
’80s Bazooka Bubble Gum / Bazooka Candy Brands

“We are excited to offer our consumers a trip down memory lane with Bazooka Throwback. This new product is a great tribute to the bubble gum brand that has been cherished for generations by kids of all ages,” says the Bazooka brand manager, Matt Nathanson.

The number one request we receive from consumers is ‘Bring back the comics!’ So we have opened up the Bazooka vault to re-print the timeless original comics – giving Bazooka fans yet another reason to chew!”

bazooka bubble gum
’80s Bazooka Bubble Gum / Bazooka Candy Brands

The re-issue of the comics features the original Bazooka Joe & His Gang, which has not been seen for four whole decades! Each wrapper features a fortune and a digital code to unlock more exclusive content at Bazooka Joe’s official website.

The throwback gum comes in a pack of six and you can likely find it at Kroger, Family Dollar, Party City, Cracker Barrel and other major retailers.

bazooka bubble gum
’80s Bazooka Bubble Gum / Bazooka Candy Brands

Bazooka Bubble Gum has actually been around since 1947, even though the brand is only throwing it back to the ’80s with this original packaging. The company currently sells more than half a billion pieces per year, in comparison to when it only cost a cent when it was originally created.

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According to news outlets, the company went through a massive re-brand in order to regain market share, which was dropping rapidly in 2012. The process included changing its look, getting rid of the comic strips, and replacing them with brain teasers, puzzles, and digital codes. The re-brand followed 2007 research that revealed only 41% liked the Bazooka Joe character at all! Clearly, this must not stand true today.

bazooka bubble gum
’80s Bazooka Bubble Gum / Bazooka Candy Brands / Giphy

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Similarly, check out this commercial for Bazooka Bubble Gum from the 1980s:

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