Why Is the Keystone Pipeline Bad? Details on Biden’s Executive Order

So far, three phases of the Keystone pipeline are complete. 

Phase I, completed in June 2010, pumps oil from Hardisty, Alberta, to the junction at Steele City, Neb., and then to Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Ill., and Patoka Oil Terminal Hub in Pakota, Ill., according to Harvard’s Environmental & Energy Law Project.

Phase II, completed in February 2011, runs from the Steele City junction to storage and distribution facilities at Cushing, Okla.

Phase III, known as the Gulf Coast Extension and completed in January 2014, pumps oil from Cushing, Okla, to refineries at Port Arthur, Tex. Another branch of the pipeline forks off toward Houston.

The Keystone XL pipeline represents the proposed fourth phase of the project. It would connect the terminals in Hardisty, Alberta, and Steele City, Neb., with a shorter route and a pipe of a larger diameter.

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