Why Is My Experian Score Lower? What the Credit Reporting Bureau Says

“This is not a one-time issue, because I have been experiencing this for many, many years, with Experian always lower than anyone else,” the user behind that fourth forum post writes. “Personally, I think Experian is just screwed up and they are using some kind of a different system, regardless of the fact that they are supposed to be using a consistent model.”

Your credit reports might show different information at different bureaus

Experian explains that some lenders provide information to all three major credit bureaus, and some give information to just one or two of them. That discrepancy in data can lead to differing credit scores.

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Similarly, lenders might make hard inquiries with all three bureaus or just one. And because the number of hard inquiries on your credit report impacts your credit score, differences in the number of hard inquiries could result in different scores. The good news is that you make soft inquiries when you check your credit report, and soft inquiries have no bearing on your credit score.

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And finally, Experian says, your credit scores are “snapshots” of your creditworthiness as calculated at a specific time, and while lenders furnish credit report data on a monthly basis, they don’t all share data at the time of the month. So, checking your Experian score on Jul. 1 and your Equifax score the following day might yield two very different results.

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