Why Did Intel Poach AMD’s Raja Koduri?

Raja Koduri has more than 20 years of experience in graphics technology, with 12 years of experience in discrete graphics cards used by AMD. He created the Radeon Technology Group at AMD in 2015. This group developed Polaris and Vega GPUs, which are competitive with NVIDIA’s Maxwell and Pascal GPUs and increased AMD’s share in the discrete GPU market. Koduri helped AMD expand the application of Radeon cards beyond PC and into all-in-one chips, workstations, servers, and gaming consoles.

Before AMD, Raja Koduri worked at ATI Technologies, where he headed the team that developed discrete graphics chips. In 2006, ATI Technologies was acquired by AMD to get an exposure in the GPU space. Koduri was away from AMD for four years (between 2009 and March 2013) as he joined Apple’s (AAPL) graphics architecture division, where he developed retina screen displays for iPhones and graphics-based platform for Macs.

Raja Koduri will likely join Intel in December 2017. His experience in developing a graphics division from scratch for AMD, and Apple will likely be instrumental in making Intel the third player in the discrete GPU market.

In response to Raja Koduri’s departure, AMD stated that it has a strong graphics team and advanced graphics IP (intellectual property). The company warned that it would defend its IP if the need arises, hinting that it might resort to lawsuits to protect its IP.

Next, we’ll see how Intel could benefit from discrete GPUs.

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