Why Bette Midler And Barry Manilow Parted Ways

Bette Midler and Barry Manilow’s careers crossed paths during their time at the Continental Baths in New York, and they worked together on a couple of records years later. “The Divine Miss M” reveals what she did that upset him so much that he hasn’t spoken to her in recent years.

They are no longer “Friends”…

‘I miss him’, Bette Midler reveals  about the fact that Barry Manilow, ‘doesn’t speak to me anymore.’ She enjoys the time that they spent on the records they made together, but she admits that the second probably, “Shouldn’t have been done.” Bette admits that she did something that really upset Barry. She went back in on the record and ‘fixed’ something, a note or two. Barry was not privy to this information and was hurt. He never even explained to Bette why until years after.

Were you more of a Manilow fan or Bette Midler?

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