Who Owns VRV? AT&T Just Sold VRV and Previous Owner Crunchyroll

VRV will likely continue along its trajectory under the new ownership of Funimation. The entertainment service includes anime, speculative fiction, comedy, fantasy, and gaming-oriented channels. Crunchyroll is a channel offered in VRV, and VRV also has a standalone service.

Over 20,000 hours of free content are available on VRV. Its paid content is available with a subscription to VRV Premium and includes exclusive channels Cartoon Hangover, MONDO, HIDIVE, Rooster Teeth, and VRV Select.

“With the addition of Crunchyroll, we have an unprecedented opportunity to serve anime fans like never before and deliver the anime experience across any platform they choose, from theatrical, events, home entertainment, games, streaming, linear TV — everywhere and every way fans want to experience their anime,” stated Vinciquerra.

View more information: https://marketrealist.com/p/who-owns-vrv/

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