Who Owns the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Rooney family owns and runs the Pittsburgh Steelers. Art Rooney was the original founder, principal owner, and president of the Steelers until 1942. He also led the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. Art Rooney died in 1988. 

The Rooney family still owns the Steelers. Dan Rooney followed in his father’s footsteps and owned the Steelers until his death in 2017. Art Rooney’s other sons, Tim and Pat, sold their own 16 percent stakes in 2009. At the time, the company was worth just $1.02 billion. Currently, Dan’s son, Art Rooney Jr., owns the Steelers and is the company’s president.

A controlling owner of an NFL team must have a minimum of 30 percent equity stake in the company, which Art Rooney Jr. has maintained. Prior to Dan’s death, Art Rooney Jr. shared the minimum position with him. 

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