Who Makes the Battery Cells for the Lucid Air?

In August 2020, Lucid Motors announced that its Lucid Air battery has a capacity of 113.0 kWh, which is 15.0 kWh more than the battery capacity for Tesla’s Model S, according to Car and Driver. The Lucid Air has the Model S beat in another metric too. The Air has a range of up to 517 miles compared to the Model S range of up to 402 miles.

Who makes the Lucid Motors battery?

LG Chem, the provider of the Lucid Air battery cells, is a South Korean company that was founded in 1947. The company produces petrochemicals, IT and electronic materials, and energy solution materials, according to Forbes.

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“LG Chem is pleased to join as a core partner in Lucid Motors’s journey to produce industry-changing luxury EVs. With the world’s leading battery cell technology, safety, reliability, and production expertise, LG Chem will supply high-quality battery cells to Lucid Motors,” said Jong Hyun Kim, the president of LG Chem’s energy solution company, in the press release.

Later that year, LG Chem suffered two deadly accidents. A gas leak at a Visakhapatnam, India, factory belonging to LG Polymers, the Indian arm of LG Chem, killed 12 people, according to BBC News. There was a fire at an LG Chem research center in Seosan, South Korea, that same month and killed a researcher, according to The Korea Herald.

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