Where to Buy BNB and Is It Good Investment Now?

Binance Coin is outperforming stocks and many other cryptocurrencies, including the might Bitcoin. First, the token has delivered an investment return of more than 85,000 percent since its debut. 

Over the past year, the token has returned about 3,300 percent. In contrast, the stock market benchmark S&P 500 Index has returned 50 percent during the same period. The Binance exchange token is also towering over Ether, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, which have gained 1,135 percent, 700 percent, and 535 percent, respectively, in the past year. 

The token’s prospects look bright with Binance’s expanding platform and the accelerated BNB burn. As more DeFi projects launch on Binance, BNB usage will also increase. The high demand for the token should lift its price. The launch of tradable stock tokens on Binance also promises to draw more users to the platform and increase BNB usage. Also, the BNB burn is going to fix the token’s supply and provide a firm basis for the price to keep rising as its adoption expands.

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