When Will Fan Favorite Ziva David Return On ‘NCIS’?

While Ziva David has not been on NCIS for many years, there is a storyline about her this season. This makes fans question whether or not Ziva played by Cote de Pablo will return this season, next season, or ever! The executive producer of NCIS, Steve Binder, isn’t really helping by giving even more hints.

Binder has confirmed that they would not bring up Ziva’s name without having a firm storyline that featured her. He said that Ziva will play an important role in the upcoming season. Unfortunately, he would not confirm if she is actually coming back on the show or not yet.

How long has it been since we’ve seen Ziva on the show?

Ziva David / CBS

It has been over five years since Ziva has been on the show. She was presumed to be dead, but we found out in recent episodes that she is actually alive. This opens up the possibility that she could return to the show, at least for one episode.

As the finale to season 16 quickly approaches, fans are wondering if Ziva will be featured more heavily in the upcoming season.

ziva ncis
Ziva on ‘NCIS’ / CBS

NCIS has already been confirmed to be returning for a season 17. That is great news for fans! Binder admits that the Ziva storyline started out as a test. They wanted to mention her and see if the fans reacted. If they reacted positively and begged for her return, they would look into it.

Obviously, if fans didn’t like the idea, they would leave this potential storyline alone.

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It appears that fans really want Ziva back and are even talking about potential storylines for her. Some fans on social media hope that the current CIA storyline will intertwine with hers. Others hope that she comes back in a new role on the show.

ziva david
Ziva David / CBS

Ziva and Tony often had storylines together on NCIS, but Tony (Michael Weatherly) is no longer on NCIS. He has not been mentioned, so there is a slim chance he would return as well.


We really want to know if Ziva will return on NCIS! We hope that she does. We know that NCIS may lose fans if they string them along about this highly anticipated storyline, so chances are pretty good she will make an appearance.

NCIS airs on Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Will you be watching?

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