When Is the Vizio IPO Date and What Can Investors Expect?

Vizio’s key offering involves affordable TV and sound equipment, which sets it apart from higher end brands. However, low-cost products don’t mean they aren’t raking in money. The company’s smart TVs help it earn cash through the sale of personal data and advertisements (this isn’t new in the modern age, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t concerning—Google itself is banning all third-party cookies on Chrome to protect user privacy from advertisers).

A decade ago, Vizio’s profit margins were reported to be in the single digits. This remained true by 2015 during the company’s first IPO attempt. In 2020, the total gross profit was $296,358—up from $165,165 the previous year. It’s important to remember this increase comes at a time when at-home entertainment is up across the board due to extenuating global circumstances. 

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