What’s the Importance of Limited Edition Cars for Ferrari?

As discussed earlier, 35% of Ferrari car clients own more than one Ferrari car, which in part explains Ferrari’s manufacturing of one-off cars. One thing that makes one-off cars different from others is that these cars can be completely customized as per client needs. These one-offs are the reflection of Ferrari’s specific attention to its loyal customers. In other words, production of one-off vehicles helps Ferrari maintain relationships with automobile collectors. The time and effort required to produce one-off cars are immense for the company.

According to Ferrari’s website, a famous example of a Ferrari one-off owner is “movie director Roberto Rossellini who presented his new bride, the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, with a Ferrari with a unique gilded grey livery that is now known in Maranello as Ingrid Grey.”

Porsche (POAHF), which is owned by Volkswagen (VLKAY), Rolls-Royce (RYCEF), and Jaguar, which is owned by Tata Motors (TTM), are some of the other luxury automobile brands that offer customized one-off cars to consumers.

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