Whatever Happened To Joyce DeWitt, Janet Wood From ‘Three’s Company?’

Come and knock on the door. After all, ABC presented the perfect proof that Three’s Company. Fortunately for the residents of apartment 201, they had a reliable friend and roommate in the form of Janet Wood, played by Joyce DeWitt. But what did she do after leaving the complex of this wildly popular show?

Joyce DeWitt was born on April 23, 1949. Though she was born in West Virginia, she called Speedway Indiana home, a trait she’d share with her character years later. Already in high school she exhibited a quick wit and charisma by participating in speech and debate activities even before receiving multiple theater degrees. Her filmography began in the mid-’70s with Baretta and Most Wanted before she landed her most famous role yet.

Joining the cast of ‘Three’s Company’ as Janet Wood

John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt as Jack Tripper and Janet Woods
John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt as Jack Tripper and Janet Woods / Everett Collection

Starting in 1977, Joyce DeWitt began rooming with Suzanne Somers and John Ritter in Three’s Company. There, she played Janet Wood, Jack’s roommate with an eye for pretty things. An aspiring dancer who ended up as an intelligent florist, Janet was the perfect straight-man to Jack’s eccentricity. The Indiana native brought a calm reason to the chaotic apartment. And yes, her Italian background came directly from DeWitt herself.

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The cast experienced a bit of a falling out when Suzanne Somers disputed her pay, especially since her character became such a favorite. For a while after Somers left, the former cast remained fractured. Thankfully, they reconciled on her show.

What does Joyce DeWitt do now?

Joyce DeWitt today
Joyce DeWitt today / Everett Collection

During the show’s runtime, DeWitt refused to be shown bare-legged. Though producers protested, she held her ground on what she wanted. This proved rather beneficial since she later earned an endorsement deal with L’eggs brand pantyhose. Three’s Company came rather quickly in Joyce’s career and after it concluded, she stepped away from acting and traveled the world before settling in New Mexico. Now returned, she’s taken to the stage with rare appearances on the screen.

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Outside of acting, In 2009, DeWitt was arrested for drunken driving in California. Today at 71, she lends her efforts to charities helping the homeless and hungry. Her last film credit came from The Savant in 2018.

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