What Happened To Catherine Bach Who Made ‘Daisy Dukes’ Famous?

UPDATED 3/1/2021

It’s definitely not hard to remember the woman who made Daisy Duke cutoffs famous. Catherine Bach starred as the character Daisy Duke on the CBS series The Dukes of Hazzardwhich ran from January 26, 1979, to February 8, 1985. Catherine first heard of the available role through her husband and the rest truly is history.

At the time, Catherine (one our 50 Fabulous People of the 1970s) wasn’t sure that the short length of her shorts would be approved, as back then showing that much leg was deemed risque. However, needless to say, it was approved and pop culture has embraced the Daisy Duke appearance as it’s been redone many times afterward. Additionally, according to TV Over Mind, Catherine’s legs were once insured for $1 million, if you can believe it! I sure do.

Catherine Bach: Who played the original Daisy Duke?

whatever happened to catherine bach, who made daisy dukes famous
Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke / Wikipedia

Since Catherine’s beginnings with The Dukes of Hazzard, she’s definitely been able to hold her own. Not only has she become something of both an entrepreneur and an actor, her net worth still holds up at $10 million. It’s safe to say that by going into the business world, she was able to keep herself afloat while still rounding up acting credits here and there through the years.

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whatever happened to catherine bach, who made daisy dukes famous
Catherine Bach / Amazon

Even at 66 years old, she has kept up her good looks over the years. Many people loved Catherine in the Dukes of Hazzard days because, well, she was drop-dead gorgeous. It was because of her looks that the phrase ‘Daisy Dukes’ became synonymous with very short shorts. The one bad thing about aging in the entertainment industry is that it can affect your reputation. Cher was one of the many who experienced ageism in the acting industry!

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She continues to stay afloat despite problems for aging actors

catherine bach daisy dukes
Catherine Bach now / Pinterest

Besides Dukes of Hazzard, one of her most notable appearances was actually recently in The Young and The Restless from 2012 to 2019. She also appeared in the TV series Hawaii Five-0 in 2015. Other than that, there haven’t been many remarkable roles in her repertoire, which makes her business life that much more helpful. Throughout the years, she has become a self-made successful individual with a large skill set and there’s no doubt about it.

How old is Catherine Bach now?

whatever happened to catherine bach, woman who made daisy dukes famous
Catherine Bach now / Eighties Kids

Too often, older actors fall by the wayside and the money dries up. So, Catherine took the best path in supplementing more income and staying afloat with her own business. She’ll probably never fall by the wayside, as long as she’s known for Daisy Dukes! At 66 years old, she’s doing better for herself now more than ever.

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