What Are the Top Holdings of Fisher Asset Management?

Fisher Asset’s top holdings in Q2 2019 were Visa, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and the iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corp Bond ETF. These holdings represent around 3.8%, 3.6%, 3.1%, 3%, and 2.8% of the firm’s portfolio, respectively. Also, the firm holds nearly 19.7 million shares of Visa whose market value is $3.43 billion at the time of filing reports. Fisher Asset Management is in the top ten institutional holders of Visa Inc. (V).

Similarly, the firm holds nearly 1.7 million shares of Amazon (AMZN) whose market value is $3.26 billion. The hedge fund has been long-term bullish on Amazon. Also, the fund has had a stake in Amazon since 2011.

Fisher bought shares of the iShares MSCI Europe Financials ETF, the iShares Global Energy ETF, the Vanguard Interm-Term Corp Bd ETF, Microsoft (MSFT), and Visa in Q2 2019. And, after adding some shares of Microsoft to its existing holdings in Q2, the firm holds around 20.8 million shares. Additionally, the market value of this stake is around $2.78 billion. 

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