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New Orleans is an awesome area. For a start, think of all that musical heritage! Combine that via the culture, the fun, the festivities, exploring the history of the French Quarter, not to point out the food. There’s certain a entirety lot of factors to pay a visit

However, New Orleans likewise has actually a reputation. There’s petty theft and also robberies and at certain times of year, drunken misdemeanours that afflict tourist spots.

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We’re not here to streatment you. We’re right here to make sure you understand well in advance that points aren’t always perfect right here.

To help you navigate the do’s and also don’t’s of this American city, we have actually developed this expensive overview to remaining safe in New Orleans. You’re around to acquire a totality lot of tips and indevelopment to make your expedition here go as smoothly as feasible.

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How Safe is New Orleans? (Our take)

Creole and Cajun cuisine, Mardi Gras, jazz, blues and beautiful architecture… It should be New Orleans!

This sweltering hot city will certainly get under your skin with its legendary tales of old musicians and also French colonial history finish via colourful wooden buildings; and also did we cite the food?

Alongside this reputation for heritage and also fun times comes a darker reputation for crime. In reality, New Orlean’s crime rate is notoriously high, so much so that it was as soon as known as the “Murder Capital”.

Hurricane Katrina hit the city in 2005, resulting in severe damage, and also it has never before been rather the same given that. Years later on and the recoexceptionally of the city is still a job-related in progression. Thankcompletely, although tright here are still problems related to the results of the hurricane, the city has actually uncovered a rhythm aobtain.

In order to check out simply exactly how this city ticks, let’s take a look at the crucial statistics of New Orleans…

Is New Orleans Safe to Visit Right Now?

The French Quarter of New Orleans.

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You should not let the previous “Murder Capital” title and reasonably high crime rate put you off visiting. Many visits to New Orleans finish trouble-free. However, it’s still important to take a look at the facts as we understand them to understand what’s going on in this otherwise amazing city.

The city was devastated by Katrina in 2005. More than 80% of the city was flooded, thousands passed away and tright here was more than a 50% decrease in population. The homemuch less populace, following the hurricane, doubcaused 12,000 human being – 1 in 25 world in New Orleans were homemuch less.

Things have actually boosted considerably given that then though. Numerous neighbourhood and also neighborhood organisations have helped occupational towards the readvancement of the city.

Despite the crime, which mostly occurs in residential areas anymethod, and also the worry of future hurricanes – or a major storm – the tourist numbers stop for themselves. New Orleans is certainly safe to visit, but…

Tbelow are specific seasonal determinants to take right into consideration when planning a pilgrimage to New Orleans; choose many areas in the human being, exactly how good a time you have actually as soon as you’re tright here may depfinish on the time of year you visit.

Seasonal occasions could likewise affect exactly how much you gain your time in New Orleans. The Jazz Festival (finish of April), French Quarter Festival (mid-April), and – a lot of notoriously – Mardi Gras, usually falling at some point in March, attract astronomical crowds to the city. Visitors can intend a lot of civilization, most drinking, and a lot of partying. Some may prefer this, others may not.

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At the end of the day, New Orleans is safe to visit appropriate now, IF you use your widespread feeling. You can definitely find trouble once you begin trying to find it. Having a safe time in New Orleans suggests placing a little bit of effort in, however this will certainly go a lengthy means.

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