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Kansas City Harley Davidson Limo

Closer to home, a gentleman named Smokey McGill of Kansas City, Kansas built another Harley Davidson limo motorcycle “limo” that is distinctive in its own right.


In 2004, the 19-foot-long, 10-passenger Harley Davidson limo with a DFT trike kit weighing 1,420 pounds set a record as the world’s longest motorcycle.

However, the Anaconda, as it is known, is neither for rent nor for sale. McGill has used the bike to help raise money for charity and has shown it at numerous events.

Take The Whole Family For A Ride With This Genius Bike-Stroller Hybrid (This is no Harley Limo)

If you’re sick of pushing your kids around in a stroller and want something more mobile, you’re in luck — especially if you’re a fan of riding bikes. The Taga Family Bike is the solution to all your child transporting problems.

This bike is designed so your kids can sit in the front, with the option of having two kids facing forward, backward, or towards each other, or you can make space to fit just your cargo or a pet if a kid isn’t along for the ride, according to the Taga Kickstarter page. There’s even a canopy to shield your children from some strong sun or rain.


The brand was one of the first to make bicycle strollers mainstream in 2009, and now they’re launching the affordable Taga Family Bike to kick their products up a notch.

“Many family bikes today were originally designed to carry cargo, not children,” according to the company’s Kickstarter. “They are usually unstable, expensive and are lacking important features desired by parents and kids.”

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The Taga Family Bike will retail at $649, which is on the higher end of the bike trailer price spectrum, but there’s certainly a lot of bang for your buck here.

The bike is available for preorder on the Taga Kickstarter page and is estimated to be ready by October of this year. Watch their video to learn more:

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