This Family Took The Same Photo For 22 Years, And The Changes Are Remarkable

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Most of us enjoy looking back on our lives to see how we’ve changed over the years, and it’s incredible to see differences in our present selves that we may not have noticed as they happened.

Twenty-five years ago, Zed Nelson started a project to explore this concept. Zed photographed a friend’s family once a year, in the same pose, for a quarter-century. The result is a monument to his artistry, and to the power of time itself.

1. 1991

Baby’s first picture

Zed Nelson

2. 1992

Now it seems like the parents have had some more sleep

Zed Nelson

3. 1993

Look how big the boy has become!

Zed Nelson

4. 1994

Zed Nelson

5. 1995

Why is the boy so grumpy? 😛

Zed Nelson

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