Things That Turned From Trashy To Classy Over The Decades

Over the years, trends come and go. Sometimes things that were once considered bad are now good and vice versa. For instance, many decades ago there were certain things that “trashy” or “uneducated” people did. Fast forward to recent times, and these exact same things are now “classy!”

Things change all the time, including music, food, and fashion. There are some things that stay timeless and classy, but others are different all the time. Let’s take a look at some things that were once considered classless, but are now very popular and trendy!

1. Handmade gifts

crocheted handmade blanket
Handmade blanket / Flickr

If you only gave handmade gifts years ago, it was a sign that you were poor. People loved to spend money to prove something to others. These days, handmade gifts are very popular and well-loved by many. Handmade gifts are also generally better for the environment, something that young generations are very interested in. For instance, the website Etsy sells a lot of handmade gifts and is very popular!

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2. Jazz music

jazz music
Jazz / Wikipedia

When jazz music first came on the music scene, people associated it with drinking and drugs. They thought it was a bit trashy. Now, it is one of the classiest things you can listen to! Funny how things change.

3. Wine

Wine / Wikimedia Commons

Particularly in Australia, wine was once only for alcoholics! It was cheap and people didn’t want to be associated with it. Now, wine is very classy and there are many people who consider themselves to be wine connoisseurs.

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4. Caviar

Caviar / Wikimedia Commons

In the 19th century, it was a bar snack! Can you imagine? Now, caviar is generally only eaten by the very rich as it costs hundreds per ounce.

5. Converse shoes

converse shoes chucks
Chucks / Wikimedia Commons

Otherwise known as Chucks, these types of shoes were once only about $2 in the ’60s and ’70s. Now, they are pretty popular and pricey. They cost around $60 and up!

6. Red lipstick

woman putting on red lipstick
Applying red lipstick / Flickr

Red lipstick used to be associated with classless women, but now it can be considered a very beautiful and elegant look.

What do you consider to be the classiest thing on this list? Can you believe it used to be considered trashy years ago?

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