These Magical Toy Baby Bottles Confused Us All! See Their Magic Again

Do you remember those magical baby bottles? You know which ones I’m talking about. Every time you pretended to pour milk into your doll’s toy cereal boy, it would look like the milk was moving in the bottle. But, we could never tell where it was coming from, how it got there, or how it magically reappeared thereafter.

These bottles have been around for quite some time and are still being sold today (you could probably find a pair of the milk and juice ones on Amazon). A photo of the bottles was posted in a Facebook group and the members of the group have very fond memories of their magical milk bottles.

Revisiting those magical milk baby bottles that bewildered us all as kids



Here are just some of the comments on the photo that will definitely make you look back during that time you pretend-fed your baby doll with the magical milk bottle! “Yes, I had the bigger ones that cried when you tipped them to feed your babies. Always fascinated me to watch the ” milk” or ” juice” reappear.😊” someone writes. Another says, “This was really magic for me. So much fun pretending to feed my dolly. But I never had or saw the juice bottle.”

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One even shared that they recently bought a set for her child! “I actually just bought a set for my daughter (she’s 5), on eBay!” So, if you’re ever thinking about buying a set of these, you can get them on eBay as well easily!

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These Magical Toy Baby Bottles Confused Us All!
Magical baby milk bottles / eBay

I personally remember playing with these in preschool and always trying to open them and get the milk out. Of course, I was never successful. Do you remember these magical baby bottles? Check out the video below on how you can make one and revisit the magic with your family!

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