These Are The Worst Foods To Feed Your Grandchildren

5. Cereals

fruit loops
A nutritionist says that eating a slice of pizza for breakfast is healthier than eating cereal meant for children. Most cereals aren’t very nutritious and have a lot of sugar in them. Pop Tarts are also a pretty bad breakfast option because of all the sugar and preservatives.  Opt for granola or whole grain cereals with the least amount of sugar, like plain Cheerios.

6. Fruit Snacks

fruit snacks
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Fruit snacks might seem healthy because fruit is in the name, but they are generally just filled with sugar. Give your grandkids real fruit instead.

7. French Fries

french fries

French fries, especially those from fast food restaurants, are terrible for kids if consumed regularly. Give them homemade fries instead because potatoes aren’t all bad.

8. Crackers


Crackers are okay occasionally, but they often have lots of sodium and empty calories. Opt for whole grain or homemade crackers instead.

What foods will you never give your grandkids? Did any of the foods on this list surprise you?

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