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The Scuba Diver In The Tree


And so the story goes, while authorities were investigating the remains after a forest fire in California erupted, they were shocked when they found the body of a man in a scuba suit within the branches of a tree. The man had various deep burns from the fire- yet the autopsy told a different story. It said that he had in fact not died from the flames but from extreme internal injuries. Dental records provided the man’s name and contact info, and the investigators got in contact with his family to try and find out how a man dressed in a scuba suit could possibly end up in the branches of a tree hidden deep inside this burnt forest. His family, in a total state of shock, told the authorities that the man had gone diving in an ocean area somewhere about thirty miles away from where he was found. As the authorities began to put the pieces of this puzzle together, they concluded that this man had accidentally been scooped up along with gallons and gallons of water by one of the helitankers that were sent to help the firefighters. This scuba diver unfortunately just had bad luck. He was dumped into the forest along with thousands of gallons of salt water, in an attempt to put out the vast forest fire. Even though this story has been told over and over again, there has never been a legitimate record of a scuba diver being dumped out of a helitanker in California, ever. Also, according to authorities, the water that is sucked up by these helitankers is vacuumed up by hoses, leaving no room for a human body to be sucked in. The story was never been officially proven false, though…

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If Your College Roommate Commits Suicide…

Roommates in a college dorm, Washington University via Washington University Libraries

Apparently, it is a standard rule at every college that if a student’s roommate commits suicide, that student will immediately receive a 4.0 for that present school term. This myth has been proven absolutely false. Any variations of this fable such as the roommate being murdered, killed by accident or just dying from a terminal illness- earn the living roommate that perfect grade point average. However, there have never been any legitimate records of any student trying their luck at this action…

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