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Fritz and Wolfe gambled big on two 1954 Nash-Healey coupes found in an old AMC dealership. They were able to negotiate with the willful owner for a great price on both automobiles, $21,000 and $26,000. According to an update from the show, one of the cars have been sold and the other is undergoing repairs.

22. $55,000 Rare Motorcycle


Royal Pioneer was the luxury motorcycle brand of the early 1900s. They spared no expense when it came to quality, but unfortunately, they were only able to produce bikes for one year because of a devastating fire that bankrupted the company. Therefore, less than 500 of the motorcycles were ever made, and fewer than five reportedly exist today. So when the pickers came across this bike, it was no surprise that Wolfe paid the massive price tag of $55,000 for the rights. Apparently, it isn’t for sale either.

23. $62,000 for Five Classic Motorcycle Parts


In 2014, the Pickers took their crew to Paper City Brewing in Springfield, Massachusetts, where two brothers were looking to unload their motorcycle collection and parts. The brothers had five bikes — Harleys and Indians — and didn’t have the time to restore them. The money would also help them expand their brewery. The Pickers loved the whole lot and took it for $62,000.

24. $90,000 (Rarer) Motorcycle

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In the season 17 premiere, aptly titled “The $90,000 Question,” the guys have to come up with a large sum of cash in order to walk away with a rare motorcycle collection. The duo headed to the Pacific Northwest, where they were tipped off about an impressive antique automobile collection. There they found the bike of their picking dreams, an extremely rare Ace four-cylinder motorcycle. The guys secure a line of credit and gamble big on the rarest item they’ve come across yet on this tense episode.

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25. Bonus: Priceless Handmade Model T


Believe it or not, this Model T is made of wood, is handcrafted, and is actually road-ready. The Pickers visited Brent, the son of a passionate Hot Rodder who took seven years to build the wooden roadster. While Brent didn’t offer up any kind of a price, the Pickers agreed to help Brent get the Model T into a museum somewhere.

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