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This is an excerpt from my book, Invisible Selling Machine. I wanted to share it right here on the homebuyerscalculator.com blog because I think EVERYONE demands to hear this rant.

Want a copy of this rant for yourself? Swipe the PDF here.

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Here goes…



Email is an significant selling medium, however there’s one huge, expensive glaring problem.

According to Fortune Magazine, the average perchild receives 147 emails per day.


Remember the early days of email? People logged right into their AOL accounts and smiled with excitement when they heard that familiar voice say:

“You’ve gained mail!”

Today, we’re drowning in email with billions of messeras hurdling through cyberarea on a day-to-day basis. And it won’t be letting up anytime quickly. According to a survey publiburned by email service provider, iContact, 56% of businesses setup to boost their email marketing task next year.


There’s a reason for the massive volume of emails businesses send each day: Email marketing functions.

In fact, when you apply a solid process to it, email marketing works choose a digital salesman—driving sales day after day on autopilot. And, if you really carry out it right, it deserve to end up being an Invisible Selling Machine.

So, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Most business owners I fulfill are paralyzed by the “tiny list” myth. They think they need an enormous list of subscribers to make email marketing occupational for their organization.

Not true.

Okay, I’ll admit it…

All various other things being equal—a bigger list is much better.

But list size is definitely not the major driver of email marketing success. I know many marketers with excellent significant lists that don’t make a dime because, at the finish of the day, it’s not the size of the list that matters… it’s just how you use it.

And the straightforward fact is that many providers don’t recognize how to usage their list. They don’t have actually a process or a device, and also that’s the main factor business owners declare that email marketing doesn’t job-related.

The reality is, if you do it wrong, email marketing doesn’t job-related. That’s why we teach you just how to execute it ideal.

But there’s something else we need to talk about…

The Great Big Lie

We’ve all heard this before…

“The money is IN the list.”

Don’t fall for it. This is a myth perpetuated by so-dubbed specialists peddling lead generation and also list building solutions.

Make no mistake—ssuggest having a list does not guarantee sales. There’s only money to be made from a list if you have actually a “machine” in area to monetize the list when you have actually it.

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We’ve obtained substantial businesses via substantial email lists that were utterly worthmuch less. They had no procedure to extract money from that list.


This is what the majority of marketers acquire wrong. They focus all their efforts on structure email lists and virtually no effort on just how they’re going to make money from that list as soon as they have actually it. So, as backwards as it might seem, your initially priority demands to be HOW you will certainly make money from a prospect or lead. You should first have your process dvery own, and also then you can focus on exactly how you will get more leads.

This is why you can think list structure is difficult. This is why you could feel stuck. It’s not your fault and also you’re definitely not alone, you’ve simply been taught to execute points backwards.

Building an e-mail list becomes straightforward as soon as you understand the system I outline in this book. The Invisible Selling Machine will certainly offer you an unfair benefit over 98% of your competition by deploying a basic, copy-and-paste “method” I discovered after thousands of hours and also thousands of dollars in trial and error of marketing my own commodities and also solutions.

These aren’t sneaky, under-handed “black-hat” tricks and also hacks, and you won’t be labeled a spammer. In reality, with this strategy, you’ll actually mail your list much less frequently while making MORE money.

Two Crucial Errors

When the majority of marketers obtain a lead, they make among two catastrophic errors.

The initially huge mistake is that they fail to follow-up.

It sounds crazy, but many of the organization owners I understand (even some of the really great ones) don’t have a solitary follow-up campaign in location. They send emails to their list as soon as they “feel like it.”

Again, it sounds crazy, bereason what’s the point of lead generation if you’re not going to follow-up? The problem is most business owners ssuggest don’t recognize what to mail or just how regularly they must mail.


Or they’re scared. I can’t tell you how many kind of times I’ve heard company owners say, “If I email my list, civilization will unsubscribe.” But if you’re not going to send them emails, what’s the point of building the list in the initially place? It’s flawed logic.

The second huge mistake marketers make is sfinishing the exact same email to everyone on their list.

The truth is, not eexceptionally subscriber on your list is developed equal. Some are incredibly interested in what you’re marketing. Others are somewhat interested and also, still, others aren’t interested in what you’re marketing at all. At least, not yet.

So should all these subscribers receive the exact exact same emails at the specific same time? Should they even receive the exact same variety of emails?

Of course not!

Wouldn’t you agree that if a subscriber shows interest in a particular product, service, or topic that they need to obtain more emails than a much less involved subscriber? And wouldn’t you think if you segmented your subscribers this way that your engaged subscribers would buy more?

And, if you lassist off your less engaged subscribers, don’t you think they’d continue to be on your list longer and also possibly even buy something from you at a later date once they’re prepared to buy?


And that’s exactly what a “Machine” does and also it does it on 100% autopilot.

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Ryan Deiss is the Founder and also CEO of homebuyerscalculator.com and also Founder and also Managing Partner of NativeCommerce.com, a digital media and also ebusiness team that owns dozens of properties. Ryan has been dubbed one of the world’s leading digital marketers by Shark Tank star, Daymond John. A ideal offering author, founder of multiple companies collectively employing hundreds around the globe, and also one of the many dynamic speakers on marketing in the USA today, he is undeniably a recognized expert on the digital era. Connect through Ryan on Twitter.

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