The Best Breakfast At Every Fast-Food Restaurant

3. Wendy’s: Honey butter chicken biscuit

Availability: Until 10:30am


To be fair, Wendy’s breakfast menu is quite limited. The usual suspects are accounted for, including a just-fine sausage biscuit, nicely seasoned potato wedges, a decent, palm-sized sausage burrito, and an admittedly gelatinous bowl of steel-cut oatmeal (really, Dave?). But while morning meals might not be Mr. Thomas’ strong point, the insanely moist, impeccably crisp chicken is a lesson in fast-food greatness. And the honey butter chicken biscuit? No exception. The sandwich features Wendy’s crack-like chicken breast, fried to succulent, juicy precision, drenched in sweet honey butter, and then stuffed inside a velvety buttermilk biscuit. If you order anything else before 10:30 am you played yourself.

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