The 20 Most Expensive Action Figures And Collectible Dolls

The 20 most expensive action figures and collectible dolls… “It’s not a doll, it’s an action figure!” If you don’t know that line, yelled by Woody in Toy Story, something is not right. No offense to Woody, but being a doll or an action figure doesn’t really make a difference when it comes to the value of these collectibles. When a toy company produces an action figure for a limited time, or there’s a collectible doll decked out in diamonds, we’ve learned that they’ll likely be worth something of great value.

Look through this list of the most expensive action figures and dolls ever sold. Who knows? You might even own one of these precious gems. If not, maybe it’ll inspire you to hold onto your old toys when next year’s garage sale comes around.

1. L’Oiseleur Doll


$6.25 million

L’Oiseleur (or the Bird Trainer) is the world’s most expensive doll. The renaissance figure plays the flute, has a pair of singing birds, and keeps a sword at her side. She’s gear-operated and made out of 2,340 parts. It’s no wonder she’s so costly!

2. Madame Alexander Eloise

YouTube/maribel antonio

$5 million

These dolls are one of a kind; or you could say five of a kind, as there were only five produced. They were made for a charity auction in 2000 and are dressed in Harry Winston diamonds, Oscar de la Renta furs, Christian Dior clothing, and Swarovski crystals.

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3. Diamond Barbies – Most Expensive Collectible Dolls

Diamond Barbie Collectable Doll


The diamond doll was created by Stefano Canturi, an Australian jewelry designer. Barbie wears a black strapless dress and a 1-carat pink diamond on her neck.

4. Steiff Limited Edition “Diamond Eyes Bear”

YouTube/Biker Dash


A German toy company made this to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the teddy bear. This limited-edition bear has a mouth of gold and sapphire eyes.

5. 1959 Barbie Doll Set

YouTube/Guinness World Records


This vast collection of barbies is comprised of the notorious doll throughout the last 55 years. The price just goes to show how treasured Barbie really is.

6. G.I Joe Prototypes A.K.A Expensive Action Figures

YouTube/[DAILY PINK SLIP] G.I Joe Action Figure


The prototype of this famous action figure had 21 movable parts. The outfit worn was hand sewn and comes with a helmet and cantina. Stephen Geppi won the prototype in a 2003 auction, which was a nice addition to his comic store.

7. Transformers Generation 1 Collection

YouTube/Jay Black


American toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy joined forces to create the 1984 series of Transformers toys. The action figures are finely detailed in their appearance and detachable accessories.

8. Michael Lau’s Gardener Uncle

YouTube/ Michael Lau Exhibition in Seoul


This action figure was created by artist Michael Lau and is based on a comic strip from East Touch magazine. Lau is known for creating vinyl-designed action figures, and there are only a few replicas of “Uncle.”

9. Star Wars Loose Action Figures

Most Expensive Action Figures
Star Wars Loose Expensive Action Figures


Standing as one of the most famous franchises ever, Star Wars’ original creations are widely pursued. In the pricey collection, you’ll find beloved characters, playsets, and ships.

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10. Original Superman Action Figure

YouTube/Analog Toys


As one of comic books’ most famed heroes, it only makes sense that an original Superman action figure would have such a high selling price. These valuable and pricey originals were first made in the 1940s.

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