Take A Look At These Old Chandeliers Repurposed As Unique Planters

No one likes seeing an old, beloved item being thrown away. For some, it is simply a waste. For others, that treasured item carries a lot of memories. But if something doesn’t fulfill its original purpose, there’s no point in keeping it, right? Well, some creative artists proved that theory wrong. They found beauty in their old chandeliers and repurposed them as unique, gorgeous planters. Now organic melts with manmade in a seamless tangle of coiled metal and curling vines.

There are a lot of ways that chandeliers can expire. Sometimes the chain loses strength, so hanging it then becomes hazardous. Maybe it’s just not something you want to use and maintain as a light fixture. Or you, like these crafty designers, just want to freshen it up in a fun way. House Beautiful has dubbed this new creation a “plantelier.” A fittingly cute name for a charming recycling idea. Check out how these people are repurposing their chandeliers into planters and learn how you might do the same.

Using a chandelier as a planter is increasingly popular

Laura Dear's planter is a chandelier combined with some flower pots to repurpose the simple, elegant item
Laura Dear’s planter is a chandelier combined with some flower pots to repurpose the simple, elegant item / @beckemeier on Instagram

Already on Instagram, artsy users are using the tag #chandelierplanter to categorize their creative work. If you find yourself with a chandelier with a broken chain, don’t get rid of it! There are some very lovely ways to use it for decorating your garden. User @beckemeier did not have a broken chain and hanging her plantelier was only a matter of time. But her creation shows how the makeshift planter can comfortably sit on an outdoor table to create a whimsical, earthy centerpiece.

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For this artist, also known as Laura Dear, the process was simple. She found the cute chandelier at Old Time Pottery. The pots came from Walmart. With some superglue and spray paint, she combined all parts to look like one. It looks like it was always meant to be this way!

Sometimes, they don’t even require that much work


Laura Dear put a lot of thought into her planter chandelier. Even though it didn’t take much work at the end of the day, other planteliers take even less work. For example, Cristina Lemay (@cris_tina42 on Instagram) found a way to use what was already there to make a classy planter out of her chandelier.

Her chandelier still features its vibrant gold coloring. This choice helped give this improvised planter a regal look, which spreads to the whole rest of her patio. Vibrant bursts of pink come from the petals spilling over the pots, the only different part of the light fixture. Though, they look quite a bit like thick pillar candles, so even then nothing seems at all out of place.

Spray painting is a popular approach for adding color to the chandelier planter

Lisa's design for her unique panter is absolutely charming
Lisa’s design for her unique panter is absolutely charming / @foreverhome2035 on Instagram

Though leaving the original polish as-is looks very elegant, most crafters spray painted their plantelier. This makes it as vibrant as possible, which provides a lovely base for whatever plants bedeck the top of it. In this case, DIY enthusiast Lisa, known on Instagram as @foreverhome2035, started with a brass chandelier.

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This light fixture didn’t require a lot of adjustments since it was never wired for electricity in the first place, designed instead for candles exclusively. All she had to do, according to her Instagram stories, was glue on a few parts. She and her husband hung it in the garage to dry, before she spray painted it and some terra cotta pots a sunny yellow. Finally, she adhered those same pots to the chandelier, and it was ready for plants!

Less is sometimes more


Your home will have its own vibe to it. Some might be rustic while others embrace a sleek, modern look. Or it can be a whole other type of wildly decorated. If you do indeed have a rough, rustic, country aesthetic established wherever you want your plants, then your work got a whole lot easier.

For @sweetpeasandivy, a self-proclaimed retailer of vintage gifts, old chandeliers are perfect for capturing the feel of an era gone by. Their “chandies” embrace a rough, simple look that blends perfectly with the quaint surrounding area.

A color for all occasion shows just how versatile chandelier planters are

The @charming_chandeliers page, run by Jamie Herring, shows how this planter design can be perfect for anywhere
The @charming_chandeliers page, run by Jamie Herring, shows how this planter design can be perfect for anywhere / @charming_chandeliers on Instagram

Jamie Herring’s @charming_chandeliers page shows just how popular – and creative – this trend is. Pictures are not limited to chandeliers as we traditionally imagine them; planters are derived from just about anything usually used for lighting.

Glass covers filled with string lights create the look of a geometric, glowing snowglobe. Plates stacked on ornate candelabras become ornate serving pieces perfect for presenting desserts. When it comes to having multiple purposes, chandeliers really take the cake.

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Any material is up for grabs


With the right materials, a creative eye, and determination, anything can be a chandelier planter. For instance, look no further than this cowrie shell planter. The many hanging elements give this piece a casual elegance not seen in the traditional metal chandeliers.

It’s clear a lot of love went into this piece. While it does not house any plants yet, it’s easy to see how a few adjustments make this the perfect pot for some greenery. When a plant does take up residence in a mesh base in that planter, its tangling leaves will complement the dangling shells nicely. At the end of the day, these planters offer a unique way to show off some very beautiful decor. Which designs caught your eye?

There's always a place for chandeliers, especially after they've been repurposed into planters
There’s always a place for chandeliers, especially after they’ve been repurposed into planters / @cris_tina42 on Instagram

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