T-Mobile Stock Gains after Closing Sprint Merger Deal

On Tuesday, T-Mobile stock rose 0.9% and closed at $83.90 with a market cap of $71.9 billion. Notably, the stock was trading 17.2% below its 52-week high of $101.35 and 32.1% above its 52-week low of $63.50. So far, T-Mobile stock has risen 7.0% YTD (year-to-date) as of Tuesday. In comparison, AT&T has returned -25.4% YTD.

On Tuesday, T-Mobile stock was trading 3.4% above its 20-day moving average of $81.14. Meanwhile, the stock is trading 2.2% below its 50-day moving average of $85.80 and 2.4% above its 100-day moving average of $81.95. T-Mobile’s 14-day RSI (relative strength index) score is 51. The RSI suggests that the stock isn’t “oversold” or “overbought.”

On Tuesday, T-Mobile stock closed near its middle Bollinger Band level of $81.75. The value indicates that the stock isn’t “oversold” or “overbought.” T-Mobile’s 14-day MACD is 3.09, which also indicates that the stock is on an upward trading trend.

Among the 23 analysts that follow T-Mobile, 19 recommend a “buy” and four recommend a “hold.” None of the analysts recommend a “sell.” As of Tuesday, analysts’ consensus target price is $100.10, which implies a 12-month return potential of 19.3%.

As of 10:20 AM ET today, T-Mobile stock rose by 2.2% at $85.80. Meanwhile, AT&T stock fell by 3.1% at $28.29. The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 2.9% and 2.7%, respectively. The broader indexed have been falling amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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