Susan Lucci Reveals How She Stays So Fit At Age 71

Susan Lucci shows no signs of slowing down. The daytime soap actress, best known for playing Erica Kane in All My Children, has also made her mark in the world of fitness — at the age of 71.

Lucci, who has been active with pilates for over 30 years, has recently launched her own fitness clothing line with QVC and opened up about why it’s important to her to look as young as she feels.

Lucci said she believes that age is just a number — and her physique proves that. She told People that she never wanted to bulk up, but to have long, lean, toned muscles.

Along with pilates, she incorporates tennis lessons and cardio. She said it’s all about the core, flexibility, and balance.

Along with the hard work she puts in, Lucci also has a positive outlook, which keeps her living life to its fullest. She firmly believes that 70 is the new 40.

“As women it’s easy to find the faults in ourselves,” she said. “Be your own best friend: Don’t compare yourself [to others], and don’t be so hard on yourself.”

She said that often women put labels on themselves and that can be more damaging to self-esteem than age itself.

She told People:

“Sometimes we put artificial labels on ourselves and we think, ‘Oh this is appropriate’ and you can end up looking older than you are and nobody wants to do that. You don’t have to get doughty or suddenly because you have a new label on you, ‘Oh I’m 50 so therefore I have to be a certain thing.’ Follow your heart and look at your rear view as well as your front view!”

After 40 years of shining on All My Children, we’re happy to see that Lucci isn’t just keeping herself happy and healthy, but she’s inspiring other women of all ages to do the same.

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