Stephen King Is Moving From His Creepy Home In Maine

Famous writer Stephen King is moving away from his home in Bangor, Maine. He has lived in this creepy looking home for 37 years but is now relocating to his summer home in Center Lovell, Maine, and home in Casey Key, Florida. Sadly for fans, the home is not for sale. However, the guest house next door (that Stephen also owns) is being turned into a writer’s retreat!

The home was built in 1870 and the outside truly looks like a haunted house. Unfortunately, there are no interior photos available yet. The beautiful Victorian mansion is painted red. In addition, the home sits behind a wrought-iron fence decorated with bats, spiderwebs, and a K.

Photos of Stephen King’s blood-red mansion

stephen king victorian mansion
Stephen King’s house / Facebook

The home will be rezoned as a nonprofit for Stephen’s archives. His guesthouse will also turn into a writer’s retreat, where five writers at a time will be able to live in Stephen’s property. No word yet on the application process for the writer’s retreat or when it may become available.

stephen king writer
Stephen King / Wikimedia Commons

Stephen and his wife, Tabitha moved to this home in Bangor in 1979. They loved the home and wanted their kids to be able to walk to school. Apparently, the kids thought it was haunted and didn’t want to live there at first! Stephen went on to write “It” in the home and used Bangor as inspiration for the city of Derry in the book.

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stephen king guest house writers retreat
Stephen King’s Guest House / Facebook

So, how much is the home worth? For starters, the price increases since Stephen and his family lived there. Realtors estimate it would be worth somewhere in the range of $750,000 to $800,000. It is quite large at 4,952 square feet. We wish we could see photos of the inside!

stephen king house bangor maine
Stephen King’s home / Facebook

In conclusion, what do you think about Stephen King’s home? Would you love to join a writer’s retreat in his guest house next door? It sounds like a great opportunity! We will share more as soon as we learn the news about how to apply.

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