Should I Buy Bionano Stock BNGO?

Due to the recent wild swings in Bionano’s stock price, most of which are to the upside, the stock has been a hot topic on Stocktwits. One user named LastDODO, said, “$BNGO Calling all Americans who received stimulus check today: Invest in Saphyr and make some real stimulus you can actually pay rent from.” Another user named moneyventures said, “$BNGO I said so, this is 3x easy in 2021. I wished I had buy more at 2 yesterday afternoon.”

Due to the company’s recent positive catalysts, many investors think that it could be worth more in the near future. Once a technology or a product by a small company comes in public eye with positive reviews, it often has the potential to take the stock price to new highs.

View more information: https://marketrealist.com/p/should-i-buy-bionano-stock-bngo/

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