Sally Field Admits She Hated ‘The Flying Nun’ As It Made Zero Sense

While fans may have loved it, Sally Field hated every second of portraying Sister Bertrille in the TV show The Flying Nun for three seasons. She even admits she felt forced into doing it by Bewitched producer Harry Ackerman and her stepfather. “I was now turning 19, and I didn’t want to be a nun. I did not want to do this; I’d started to see these other dreams of what I really wanted to be. I felt I needed to have faith, have courage and go after something nebulous, because I had no clear vision of how you went towards these things,” Field says.

After people had warned her that jobs for actors were scarce and never knew when or where the next job would come, she agreed to it. “And from the minute I decided to do that, something in me just curled up in a ball and wept, because I didn’t want to do this.”

Sally Field hated ‘The Flying Nun’, here’s why

sally field hated the flying nun
THE FLYING NUN, Sally Field, 1967-1970 / Everett Collections

Field continues on, “The show just made no sense to me. It was just drivel. And people, when they hear me talk like that, they get very angry. You know, ‘I grew up with that, I loved it.’ Well, God bless you for that, but it was still drivel and nonsense. There wasn’t any piece of it that had human behavior in it. Harry Ackerman said they could all sense I was terribly unhappy. At one point I think I gained a lot of weight, but it was the typical things that being 19, 20, 21 brought with it.”

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