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Safe ChordsAfter struggling through the chorus, I think I lastly got it. The only chord im not sureis C/E. Hope you favor it.Tuning: Half step down Eb Abdominal muscle Db Gb Bb ebC FTo the one whos desires have actually fallen all acomponent C Fand all your left via is a worn down and also damaged heart Am G FI have the right to tell by your eyes you think you"re on your own however you"re not alone C FHave you heard of the one who have the right to calm the raging seas C FGive sight to the blind pull the lame approximately their feet Am GWith a love so strong it never lets you go Fno you"re not alone C C/EYou will certainly be safe in His arms. You will certainly be safe in His arms F (Am) GThe hands that host the world are holding your heart C C/EThis is the promise He made, He will be via you constantly F (Am) G CWhen whatever is falling apart, you will certainly be safe in His arms C FDid you recognize that the voice that brings the dead to life C FIs the extremely very same voice that calls you now to climb Am G FSo hear Him currently, He"s calling you house. You will certainly never be aloneF GCause these are the hands that built the mountains, the hands that calm the sea C AmThese are the arms that hold the lame and also They are holding you and also me F GThese are the hands that heal the leper pull the lame as much as their feet C GThese are the arms were naibrought about the cross to break our chains and set us free
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Phil Wickham is a modern Christian vocalist/songwriter and also guitarist from The golden state. Wickham has released 3 CDs, Give You My World in 2003, a self-titled album in 2006, and also Cannons in 2007. His song "After Your Heart" was noted as the #22 CCM song on R&R magazine"s December 15, 2007 chart.

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<1>Born in Oarray County to devout Christians, he recalls his homelife as a "very Christian one." By the finish of sixth grade, yet, he realized that Christianity was around so a lot even more than just a religious beliefs. Around the exact same time, he relocated to San Diego.With nothing to execute and having no friends within fifty miles, Wickham picked up the guitar. Within a couple of months, he began to write songs. Soon after, asked by his youth pastor to lead worship for the youth group at the age of 12, Wickham welcomed, urged by his father, a worship pastor at Chuck Smith"s Caldiffer Chapel Costa Mesa. Wickham said of the endure, "The Lord simply really began blessing through the junior high group."At 19, Wickham released his debut CD, Give You My World, including the hit songs "Jesus, Lord Of Heaven" and "Shining". Surprised by its excellent reception, he began working on twelve brand-new songs for his self-titled album, which was released on April 25, 2006 through Simple Records. His many recent release was his sophmore album entitled Cannons which was released in the Fall of 2007.Wickham visits churches across the world to play his music. In the fevery one of 2006, he toured on the "Coming Up to Breathe" tour via MercyMe and Audio Adrenaline.In the fevery one of 2007, he toured on the Remedy tour with The David Crowder Band and also The Myriad.Wickham is the brvarious other of Evan Wickham and child of John & Lisa Wickham, veterans of Jesus Movement bands such as The Way and Parable.Phil originally attended Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in Southern The golden state before relocating to Maranatha Chapel in Rancho Bernardo, CA.Indexed at Wikipedia.

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