Roaring Kitty’s Net Worth and Trading Strategy, Explained

Keith Gill, also known by his YouTube name Roaring Kitty, has already been subpoenaed by Massachusetts state regulators for his influence on the GameStop (NYSE:GME) short squeeze. Now, they’re going after his former employer MassMutual. Gill resigned from the company in January. As his net worth amasses following options contract expirations, more people are learning his name.

How much Roaring Kitty has made on GameStop

So far, Roaring Kitty’s enthusiastic live stream YouTube videos, paired with his presence as “DeepF——Value” on Reddit’s WallStreetBets, has made him practically a household name for anyone privy to the GameStop news.

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At the beginning of 2021, Gill added to his GameStop investment with 500 new options contracts, which he set for an April 16 expiration.

Initially, he purchased the contracts for a total of $10,000. After setting a $12 strike price for a call option, GameStop’s current share price of $156.44 is way past the minimum. Gill could pocket nearly $7.3 million from this bundle of contracts alone, and it isn’t even his entire GameStop portfolio. However, he might have already acted out the contracts.

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Gill is being investigated for potential market manipulation because of the sweeping following he amassed online, which ultimately helped send GameStop stock more than 1,000 percent higher over a two-week period despite downward pressure from institutional short sellers.

Roaring Kitty’s overall net worth is even higher

keith gill

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Combined with his options payout, that’s approximately $26.3 million. 

Gill’s screenshot also boasted a cash total of $11.8 million, which he could keep liquid or reinvest to capitalize on.

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Gill’s portfolio of GME is by no means diversified, but it’s possible that he holds other investments elsewhere. This would add to his net worth, as well as any equity or assets he held prior to the GameStop stock movement. 

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