Remembering The Cast Of ‘The Addams Family’: Where Are They Now?

Marie Blake – Grandmama

the addams family cast
YouTube Screenshot / Everett Collection

Grandmama is none other than Marie Blake. Born Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald in 1845, she would adopt the stage name, Marie Blake. In 1937, her first uncredited role was in the film My Dear Miss Aldrich.

the addams family cast then and now
ADDAMS FAMILY, Jackie Coogan, Lisa Loring, John Astin, Carolyn Jones, Blossom Rock, (aka Marie Blake), Ted Cassidy, 1964-1966

Of course, her biggest role would end up being that of Grandmama in The Addams Family. Marie suffered a stroke in 1966, which would prevent her from participating in following Addams Family spin-offs. She would sadly pass away in 1978.

Lisa Loring – Wednesday Addams

'The Addams Family': Where Are They Now?
Lisa Loring / MGM/Wikipedia

The now 61-year-old actress Lisa Loring played the role of Wednesday Addams. Following the success of The Addams Family, Loring would appear in some slasher films as well, including Blood Frenzy (1987) and Iced (1988).

the addams family cast then and now
ADDAMS FAMILY, Lisa Loring as Wednesday, 1964-66

Loring became addicted to heroin in 1991 and would complete addiction treatment the following year. She would return to acting in 2011, but has only had some sporadic roles in 2014 and 2015. Today in her early 60s, she’s out of the limelight and we wish her the best.

Ken Weatherwax – Pugsley Addams

the addams family cast
Everett Collection / YouTube Screenshot

Pugsley Addams is nearly invisible, and conforms to some conventional standards of society, like joining the Boy Scouts! Weatherwax helms from an acting family, his aunt being an actress and dancer Ruby Keeler. And his half-brother, Joey Vieira, played “Porky” on the first three seasons of Lassie.

the addams family cast then and now
THE ADDAMS FAMILY, (from left): Ken Weatherwax, Carolyn Jones, ‘The Addams Family Goes To School’, (Season 1, ep. 101, aired Sept. 18, 1964), 1964-66.

But Ken didn’t do much beyond his Pugsley. Early on, he appeared with Alice Pearce in Gleem toothpaste commercials. But after he became typecast as Pugsley, he decided to depart the acting biz. The only credits he’d return for were the 1973 cartoon and the 1977 television reunion movie.  At the age of 17, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and afterward found a career as a movie studio grip and set builder. He and Loring would often reunite for conventions and other events, and the two remained lifelong friends until his death in 2014 of a heart attack. He was only 59 years old.

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The Thing

'The Addams Family': Where Are They Now?
The Thing / Giphy

It actually has a full name! Thing T. Thing. Can you believe it? The concept behind this disembodied hand was that this creature was just too horrible-looking to see in person! Christopher Hart would play the role of The Thing for feature films.

the addams family

Ted Cassidy and Jack Voglin would share the role for the 1964 series and Steven Fox would play the role for the 1998 series. The Thing is slated to appear in the new 2019 animated film for The Addams Family.

Felix Silla – Cousin Itt

'The Addams Family': Where Are They Now?
Cousin Itt / Giphy

Oh, Cousin Itt! Cousin Itt is known as a hirsute entirely made up of floor-length hair, almost as weird as The Thing! His appearance is often accompanied by a bowler hat and sunglasses to give off the illusion that there is a face underneath all that hair. Felix Silla would play the role of Cousin Itt for the 1964 series followed by several other actors in the spinoffs. However, the distinct voice of Cousin Itt would range over several different voice actors. The most recent depiction of Cousin Itt’s voice is that of Snoop Dogg in the 2019 animated film.

the addams family

The main man of Cousin Itt, Felix, has done some small work in recent years, including lending his voice for The Sims 2. He would also play an Ewok in the film Return of the Jedi. Today at 84 years old, he is retired from acting and hopefully enjoying life in a room bigger than Cousin Itt’s.

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