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Since playing the high school jerk of jerks, Steff, James Spader emerged as a sex symbol and beloved actor with his role in Steven Soderbergh’s explosive Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989). Spader stuck to roles on the big screen — Wolf (1994), Secretary (2002) — until the early 2000s when he traded in movies for television. Spader starred as lawyer Alan Shore on The Practice for one season before launching his own spinoff, Boston Legal. He currently stars as the lead character on the NBC thriller hit The Blacklist, where he plays the anti-heroic FBI informant, Raymond “Red” Reddington. Of course, Screen Rant readers may know Spader best for his motion capture/voice performance as the eponymous android villain of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Spader is also currently the object of affection from Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones. Jones was so vocal about her love for the actor, she ended up booking a guest spot on The Blacklist. Her role? Jones played a woman who mistakenly thinks Reddington (Spader) is a guy in her spin class. She also hits him — hard.



After winning hearts as Duckie, the geeky best buddy forever stuck in the zone of friends, Cryer starred in a few films before finding a home on television in the ‘90s, starring in a few short-lived series, including Getting Personal (1998) and Partners(1995-1996). In 2003, Cryer hit it big, booking the role of Alan Harper in Two and a Half Men, earning him a spot on what will probably be known as television’s most volatile sitcom. For eight seasons, Cryer played the straight-laced brother to Charlie Sheen’s womanizing bachelor. The actor famously got a front-row seat to Sheen’s 2011, Tiger blood-fueled breakdown, which he wrote about in his memoir, So That Happened.

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Despite being on one of the biggest sitcoms in recent TV history, Cryer still has fond memories of being Duckie. Just last year, he put on Duckie’s white boots to perform his famous “Try a Little Tenderness” dance with James Corden on The Late Late Show.



Since her time as a teen idol, Molly Ringwald has worked consistently in both film and television, with varying degrees of acclaim. Though she made the transition from child star to adult actress (minds out of the gutters, folks), Ringwald isn’t afraid to poke fun at her famous past. In 2001, she appeared in Not Another Teen Movie (2001), a movie parody of teen romantic comedies. Modern teens might recognize her as Anne Juergens, the mom on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Up next, she’ll star alongside fellow former teen star, Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210) in the Canadian sitcom Raising Expectations, and appear with James Franco in the porn drama King Cobra (minds back into the gutters, folks). Outside of acting, Ringwald has also dabbled with a career as a jazz singer, which included singing a sultry cover of The Breakfast Club’s theme song “Don’t You (Forget About Me).”


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