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When I got my Power Wheels it was epic. It was up there with like, Super Nintendo! It was my 5th birthday. I had asked for a DeLorean Power Wheels (still want one to this day as a collectors item) but received a pink Barbie Corvette instead. While slightly disappointed at first that I didn’t get the Back to the Future car, that pink shiny plastic car was mine and was waiting for me to get in it and drive around, and I couldn’t wait to take her for a spin.

I loved almost everything about that little Corvette. The doors, the pretend radio and car phone, how it was kid sized, the fancy power-lock brakes, reversing and of course the trunk space! I used the trunk to put my toys in when I would meet up with friends at the pretend grocery store at the front of my yard or the pretend school in my friends yards.

My only issues with the car were the color and charging it. It wasn’t silver with Back to the Future car complete with stickers like my dream DeLorean. And because I was constantly forgetting to plug it in, I often ran out of power. It sucked having to sit and wait as my friends were having fun without me while it charged up.

All in all, I loved my Power Wheels Corvette, so much so that I kept driving it until I was embarrassingly too large to fit in it. It was my first car, and a treasured memory.

The First Power Wheels Commercial

Commercial for the Power Wheels I had.

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