Pound Puppies Are Back And Available Through Amazon And Walmart

  • Everyone’s favorite plush dogs Pound Puppies are back!
  • They are being sold through both Walmart and Amazon.
  • Cue the nostalgia!


Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or simply love soft plush toys, you’ll be excited by this news. Pound Puppies are making a comeback. Amazon and Walmart now sell these soft, fuzzy dogs just in time for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and more. While some retailers are closing their doors and discontinuing new sales, a lot of older treasures are coming back with gusto.

Pound Puppies enjoyed a lot of popularity years ago. The toys act as a cute present to give to anyone on any occasion. Additionally, they act as educational tools. Each one teaches the owner about proper pet care and promotes pet adoption.

These Pound Puppies are going to be exactly like the originals

Pound Puppies acted as a toy and an educational tool
Pound Puppies acted as a toy and an educational tool / Country Door

Pound Puppies really enjoyed a lot of popularity in the 1980s. Their large size and cute features make them huggable in every way. But they also had some special features that distinguish genuine toys from fakes. For instance, there are six classic types of the Pound Puppy. Each of those shall be available to interested consumers.

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They each also have a heart on their lower end. The comeback pups shall be genuine recreations, down to the last stitch and hidden detail. That includes the heart and other unique features about these helpful, huggable toys. To get one from Amazon requires $19.97 before your newest family member will be shipped your way. It could be a good investment for teaching about pet care. Other organizations are trying their own version of this education initiative, CNN reports.

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Owners can be educated and inspired

Each puppy shall be a precise recreation of the originals
Each puppy shall be a precise recreation of the originals / Everything 80s Podcast

While providing fun childhood memories, Pound Puppies, produced by Basic Fun! with a license from Hasbro, also educate owners. The puppies are described as “soft, fuzzy babies who need someone to adopt them and take care of them. They like to be held close and give lots of love & hugs.” To help new owners, they have informative leaflets that teach about pet care.

They also teach the importance of adopting animals in need of a home. Now, just like back then, Pound Puppies are a good stepping stone for young ones who want a pet but could still learn about the commitment that entails. First, they can care for these little dogs. Those wanting a Pound Puppy can get one of the classics, or they can get newborn puppies. These smaller, young versions come swaddled in adorable baby diapers.

Are you interested in purchasing one of these dog plushies? Click here to purchase one directly from Amazon!

Mike Bowling, creator of Pound Puppies, sold the Brand to Hasbro in 2011. But even today he wants everyone to pursue their dreams, and if it involves adopting a puppy, why not a Pound Puppy to start off
Mike Bowling, creator of Pound Puppies, sold the Brand to Hasbro in 2011 / Jacksonville Daily Record

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