Pipe planet winter park

Such a nice place! The store is so clean and well decorated. Gabe was also very knowledgeable and friendly.

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Great location to visit if you prefer being patronized, price gouged, yelled at, treated choose crap, and be a witness to an employee of a business that yells at a customer, "You"re NOT welcome!" Shouldn"t continue to be in business never before mind their policies, principles, and/or neighborhood service. Actually this smoke shop does a great disorganization to its patrons and the community at huge. I bought a pretty duct of fake urine. Before purchasing the item, there was no authorize of "All Sales Are Final". Nothing of the kind. So I asked the black womale with dyed blue dread locks with her child that had to be 6 or 7 years of age (Mind you there"s a sign of the front door that says "No One Under 18 Permitted") what was the distinction in commodities. She sassist that the prices differ according to popularity and also reviews of said assets. Tright here was her peak brands of fake urine for $29.99 and also then her lower brands which are $24.99. I bought one of the reduced brands for $24.99 Plus tax, which involved $26 and adjust. Not 3 minutes out of the keep, I returned and also asked for a receipt. After doing more errands, I wound up at the Sunoco gas terminal on the edge Fairbanks and Edgewater. At the counter, I noticed the shelf above was selling the "Higher brands" of Pipe Planet, and asked for the lady at the respond to just how much. She told me the price was $23.99. I went ago to Pipe Planet only minutes thereafter requesting a remoney. The very same lady at the respond to increated me that all sales we final. I asked, "Where"s such a sign?" She said it"s on the receipt. I rebutted, "The very same receipt that she made the comment out that rarely anyone asks for a receipt, bereason they do not give them out nor offer to the customers. She then shelp that she will offer me save credit, but that"s it.

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Indeveloped her that there had been just minutes transpired given that I last purchased the product. Then she suggested how will she understand if I currently tapered worth the product, which the shrink wrap was clearly undamaged and also now one plainly opened it. After pleading via her that I really need the cash. She still insisted that I get only keep crmodify and also that"s it. I asked for a gift receipt. She was unparticipating. Now it was my attention later that the sign on the front door didn"t say all sales were last, yet it DID say that "No One Under The Era Of 18 Permitted", and also here"s her 6-7 year old boy behind the respond to. Every suggest I tried to make, she shot me dvery own and wouldn"t budge. And caved and also asked for the Whipped Cream cartridges. She asked if I wanted two. I told her that I really didn"t need them, specifically two boxes. This wasn"t about race, creed, or color, but deep down I think it was reverse racism at its ideal. I was white male asking a legitimate research for a remoney with the product unopened up in its bag, through receipt in tow, paid cash for the item, and also being denied my legal rights as a consumer. Here"s a babsence womale, who was hateful, spiteful, consisting of her own rules and also breaking her own rules and made nopoint however nonsensical dribble about her point coming across as legislation and I"m childish and also stupid. So I shelp in a loud tone, "Thank you incredibly much, ma"am." She then yelled out at me, "You are NOT Welcome!" So therefore I will certainly NEVER action foot in a hypoinstrumental location such as that! They absolutely shouldn"t treat civilization prefer that, and also they should be out of business! I will go out of my means to indevelop others not to shop there! Avoid this shop like the plague! This owner doesn"t favor her customers and treats those choose animals! Apparently she"s not running a smoke shop, but a day care as well! Good luck through that area and also enter at very own risk!Full review

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Total garbage. That"s what they offer and what the sales human being recognize around their vape equipment. Bought a 150 watt Smok, salesman shelp it"s awesome lol if you want your coils to blow out day-to-day. Went ago to obtain more coils and also describe the trouble. They don"t even bring the coils for it. $107 down the drainpipe.Full review

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