One Artist Transformed ‘The Golden Girls’ Into Disney Princesses

Blanche as Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’

blanche belle beauty and the beast golden girls
Blanche as Belle / Alicia Herber/Buzzfeed/Disney

Beautiful Blanche would love to be Belle in that dress, although we cannot see her being a quiet girl like Belle often was in the films.

Dorothy as Aladdin and Sophia as Jasmine from ‘Aladdin’

dorothy sophia aladdin jasmine golden girls
Dorothy as Aladdin and Sophia as Jasmine / Alicia Herber/Buzzfeed/Disney

It appears Dorothy looks less than thrilled to portray Aladdin, but Sophia is loving her magic carpet ride! We can just imagine her jokes.

Dorothy as Pocahontas in ‘Pocahontas’

dorothy pocahontas golden girls
Dorothy as Pocahontas / Alicia Herber/Buzzfeed/Disney

We love this! Dorothy is the perfect person to emulate Pocahontas with that strong, brave stare.

Sophia as Mulan from ‘Mulan’

sophia mulan golden girls
Sophia as Mulan / Alicia Herber/Buzzfeed/Disney

Petite Sophia looks so cute as Mulan! Similarly, we bet Alicia likes Dorothy and Sophia the most because they are featured more often.

In conclusion, if you want to check out more of Alicia’s amazing art, visit her Instagram page.

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