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Realistically – I'm sure we'll get a few hot shots that think they can hit 100 MPH, but, what do you honestly think?

I have no idea, but I plan to use the NHL Hardest Shot App on my iPhone to check it out tomorrow.. I think it will do a decent job as long as I shoot from exactly 20ft!

Just wondered if anyone else has tried it out? had a radar gun measure it?


Here's what messes me up. On Ovi's 2nd shot attempt here, he breaks his stick. Despite the stick breaking, he apparently hit the thing to go over 48 mph.

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Does that puck not look like it's moving extremely slow? I can definitely hit a puck harder than that. Did the shot just get registered wrong?

I'm guessing it registered wrong, maybe it caught the broken stick instead of the puck? It's so hard to tell what non-pro's would shoot… I'm guessing a really good slapshot would be in the 80+ MPH, with a lot in the 60-80 MPH and then the rest below 60? No clue!

At A hockey camp I worked at 2 years ago we were messing around with a radar gun and a lot of it is where you place your shot (the best is just off the ice, low, right at the gun) and I was getting between 65-75.

If I had to be accurate, MAYBE 40 mph. Without being accurate, 60. I don't play hockey very often and when I do I play goalie.

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I think my best shot ever would be a 75mph or maybe 80. It used to totally suck but now I'm alright at them. Would probably do better with an 85 flex too, but all I've got is the 100 flex for now.

When I played back in like 8th-9th grade they had a shot speed thing set up and I hit 70 mph then. I only played a year or 2 more after that and I'm 23 now, but I bet I could probably get in the 80's, possibly low 90's now.

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when I was a squirt they had a radar gun set up at a tourney and I had a 50 mph wrist shot. I'd say, in my prime, about 80-90 mph slap shot. Since I haven't gone all out with my shot in a while, probably the mid 70s.


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