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Megan Romer is a travel writer concentrated on southern Louisiana. She has actually a background in tourism marketing and has actually composed for homebuyerscalculator.com since 2011.

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The Garden District and also Uptown

The Garden District and also Uptvery own are the safest locations of the city with the lowest crime prices (under 2 percent). While a little even more scarcely occupied, these communities are excellent desticountries if you"re looking to remain among historic buildings and also tree-lined boulevards.

With wide streets lined through elegant two-story houses surrounded by wrought-iron fences, the Garden District—especially the Audubon neighborhood of the district—provides a range of accommodations whose upscale elegance and also old-people cinjury make it feel prefer you"re not also in the city anyeven more. At the same time, Uptown provides some luxury-style accommodations and also a few more attractions to visit on your expedition.

The downside to these surrounding districts is that tbelow aren"t many kind of restaurants or entertainment choices nearby (via the feasible exemption ofCommander"s Palace), and also you"ll find yourself regularly traveling into other areas at night anymethod trying to find points to execute, meaning you"ll still be exposed to the threats of better crime prices and populace densities elsewhere in New Orleans.


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The Central Business District

As the name says, the city"s Central Company District is home to many kind of of the city"s the majority of renowned facilities, including hotels and also tourist attractions. Like Times Square in New York City, many type of first-time travelers will certainly stay in this district, resulting in an increased police visibility to aid mitigate the possibility of crime.

However, tright here are stretches of the neighborhood that can be a little unsafe at night; if you pick to stay here, hotels closer to Canal Street are mostly safer. It"s worth checking out the revived Oretha Castle Haley (OCH) Boulevard area closer to Central City, however make certain to continue to be on the same side of OCH Boulevard as the river after dark.

Attractions in the Central Business District encompass The National World War II Museum, the Louisiana Children"s Museum, and also Lafayette Square; accommodations include the Hilton Riverside and also the Blake Hotel New Orleans.


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The French Quarter

The finest bet for a low crime location is the city"s busiest district: the French Quarter. Here, you"re the leastern likely to see violent crimes, specifically in the heavily-trafficked blocks from Bourbon Street to Decatur Street and also from Canal Street to Ann Street.

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The popularity of this stretch indicates, but, that it have the right to be a magnet for pickpockets and also low-grade scammers, yet the volume of civilization implies that violent crime versus travellers is very unwidespread. Also, the neighborhood is packed through restaurants, so the have to take a trip to other areas at night is diminished, however accommodations below are more expensive and also more most likely to book up fast during the high seakid.

In the French Quarter, you have the right to start the day through protecting against by the historical Laulaurie Mansion or the New Orleans Voodoo Museum prior to grabbing a bite at The Court of Two Sisters, Tujague"s, or Cafe Du Monde. For accommodations, you have the right to continue to be overnight at the Bourbon, the Four Points by Sheraton, Hotel Le Marais, or the Chateau LeMoyne French Quarter.

Other Neighborhoods and Rental Options

Overall, the majority of hotels in New Orleans are in areas that are quite safe for tourists to visit and also take a trip in between, with the exception being those on Chef Menteur Highmeans, which are mainly safe to stay in but better out from the city"s biggest attractions. However, folks that aren"t sindicate avoiding via should consider continuing to be in one of the other neighborhoods, as they are ssuggest safer in its entirety, and you"re even more most likely to have the ability to find a police officer or some various other official that deserve to suggest you in the best direction if you get shed.

If you"re looking at an Airbnb, VRBO, or an additional unofficial short-term rental, you can use the crime maps provided by the New Orleans Police Department. It"s worth reiterating, but, that less-knowledgeable travelers, newbies to New Orleans, and those who aren"t acquainted via remaining safe in an unacquainted place need to take into consideration the communities above.

How to Travel Safely in New Orleans

Although tright here are fairly few incidents of violent crimes developing in the safer areas of New Orleans, many of the city"s busiest districts deserve to be dangerous for first-time travellers in other methods. Two of the main things tourists should look out for in the French Quarter, Garden District, and Central City are pickpockets, scammers, and petty thieves.

When wandering approximately the busy neighborhoods—specifically at night, during a festive occasion like Mardi Gras, or by yourself—make certain you remain conscious of your valuables at all times. Purse snatchers are more common alengthy Bourbon Street in the French Quarter and also approximately the city"s biggest attractions (where tourists are often distracted).

If you plan to go out at night, save to well-lit areas and attempt to only travel through a friend or group. While public transit is fairly safe, you have the right to also use renowned apps like Uber and Lyft to or hop in a city cab. However before, you must prevent walking alone at night, especially in non-residential areas and those through higher crime prices.

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Although New Orleans is a driving-friendly city—specifically when it comes to parking and also traffic flow—the roadways deserve to be quite dangerous in terms of potholes, collisions, and also break-ins. When parking (also in a garage), do not leave any type of valuables in your automobile, specifically if your automobile does not have actually an alarm system.

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