Movement Toward a Cashless Economy Set to Take a Big Leap Forward with Introduction of uBuck Pay

1. CIRCUMVENTING BANKS AND ENFRANCHISING THE UNBANKABLE:Through its instant, free, and secure abilities to transfer funds, and its innovative e-wallet technology, uBUCK has the potential to enfranchise potentially hundreds of millions of unbanked people around the world. By lubricating the remittance market of users sending money from one country to another, the platform is boosting a rapidly growing economy of people moving away from traditional banks to a future cashless society.

2. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS FOR RAPID MARKET CAPTURE:Through two recently announced deals, uBUCK has made two very strategic moves that could potentially result in explosive user growth. The first was a partnership with PreWay, giving uBUCK access to 7,000 convenience stores, and opening up physical purchases of vouchers and further enfranchising the unbanked. Next is the incorporation of Datable’s PLATFORM3 loyalty rewards program, immediately exposing uBUCK to potentially millions of new users. Most recently, through a partnership with Enthusiast esports gaming, uBUCK (under the name Streambucks) instantly gains access to over 100 million monthly visitors. Together, the new partnerships open uBUCK to far more markets, customers, and future partnerships.

3. FREE AND SECURE TRANSFERS:In comparison to the largest money transfer services on the planet (EXPENSIVE), uBUCK is far more affordable (FREE). Transfers through the platform are instantaneous and delivered with a security standard, unlike its closest competitors. Due to its decentralized nature, uBUCK Pay is practically impossible to hack, the platform practically reduces the threat of theft and scams, as well as the transfer cost down to ZERO.

4. VETERAN TEAM OF DIGITAL CURRENCY AND PAYMENT EXPERTS:Leading the way for the LiteLink Technologies Inc. (CSE:LLT) (OTC:LLNKF) subsidiary uBUCK is an experienced team of blockchain, advance payments, and digital currencies experts. Industry experts Chairman, Ashik Karim, CEO James Youn, COO Greg Bauer, and Strategic Advisor Samir Bandali lead the way with their extensive knowledge and invaluable streams of relationships developed within the industry. Already the team has established an impressive amount of crucial deals, including with PreWay and CoinPayments.

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