Miami Set to Launch First CityCoin MIA, More Cities to Follow

Built on open-source software, CityCoins enable developers to build applications and innovative ways for unique use cases. CityCoins allows holders to stack to earn BTC and Stacks (STX) reward yields, mine, lend, borrow, and even program it. At the time of the launch, holders will immediately start to benefit from stacking their city coins to generate yield. More use cases will evolve over time since CityCoins are programmable. As a programmable currency, it can allow for different use cases over time. The goal is for those interested to #pickupthebag and start developing and building applications that can better serve the city.

Miami’s chief information officer, Michael Sarasti said that the money could be used for “roads, parks, regional resilience.” He also said that “the idea is [MiamiCoin users] are making an investment in the quality of the city’s future.” Ensured by the CityCoins protocol, 30 percent of the funds made from the MiamiCoin treasury must be allocated towards uplifting the city and not for other purposes. The remaining 70 percent can be stacked to generate BTC and STX yields.

View more information: https://marketrealist.com/p/miami-coin-crypto/

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