Melissa Gilbert Releases ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Podcast

In the midst of everything going on in the world today, there is one thing to get especially excited about. Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie has been working on a podcast with episodes specifically about the show! She and her husband, Timothy Busfield, have been working on the podcast together and Melissa recently posted about the first few episodes going up!

“Episodes 4 and 5 of our podcast are up. My sweet husband interviewed me all about Little House on the Prairie. Link is in my bio,” she writes on Instagram. The podcast has been uploaded publicly so fans of the show can get a chance to hear the two talk about the show, and specifically, Melissa’s experience.

Melissa Gilbert tells all about ‘Little House on the Prairie’ in new podcast episodes


Fans have been commenting and showing their excitement for the new podcast. “So cute!!! We miss that show! You played so good that role so you managed to make us love it. You put it in your heart, that’s why you played it so perfect!!!❤️❤️” a fan comments.

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Another says, “My all-time favorite show growing up also I have all the books. I still have the books and videos.” The podcasts appear to be around half an hour long or slightly longer, and the first episode was released on March 16th. Aside from Little House, the two have also been talking about the ongoing coronavirus and other movies/Hollywood celebrities.

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The episodes where Melissa and her husband talk about Little House can be listened to below! To gain access to the rest of their podcast episodes, click here.


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