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Genre: Shooter, First-Person Shooter Developer: Unknown Publisher: Capcom ESRB Rating: Teen Release Date: May 11, 2010

If you do not like a things you acquire from the slot machine, sindicate sign-out of your Xbox Live profile or reset the device. The game will not be saved, and also you will certainly still have your credits. Repeat this procedure until you obtain an object you want.

In Episode 1: Chapter 2, as soon as the level starts, run right. Look to the right instantly after the initially enemy to discover a hole in the rock face. Go in the hole to reach the trick area. You must finish this area to obtain the accomplishments for completing the game.

Shuriken accomplish career level 30 via RoundersHand Cannon SP achieve career level 50 through RoundersGun Sword SP accomplish career level 70 with RoundersFlamethrower SP acheive career level 50 with Snow Piprice ElitesPlasma Gun SP accomplish career level 30 with NEVECPlasma Cannon SP accomplish career level 50 via NEVECV-Device SP attain career level 70 through NEVECFirecracker attain career level 30 via Femmes FatalesShotgun SP achieve career level 50 via Femmes FatalesEnergy Gun SP achieve career level 70 with Femmes Fatales

Go to "LP2 Slot Machine" then to "Go into Password" and type in "25060016" after that it will say Special item unlocked.

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Get in 88020223 as the password on the character customization display screen - push Y (slot machine) and also push X for password enattempt.

Enter 34297758 as the password on the character customization display screen - push Y (slot machine) and press X for password entry.

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Go into 73154986 as the password on the character customization display screen - push Y (slot machine) and also press X for password entry.

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