LEGO Created Anti-LEGO Slippers To Avoid The Pain

Have you ever experienced the pain of stepping on a LEGO? LEGOs are fun toys for kids and even adults to play with. There are so many different versions from the larger LEGOs for small children, to the expensive and extensive LEGO sets from movies like Harry Potter.

A few years ago, LEGO actually released a limited set of “Anti-LEGO slippers.” They look like basic slippers, except that they are square-shaped and have the LEGO logo on them. They are also red and yellow, like the traditional logo.

LEGO fans need ‘Anti-LEGO slippers’

anti lego slippers available in france
Anti-LEGO slippers / Piwee

It seems only about 1,500 pairs of these slippers were ever made. If you lived in France in 2015, you had to create a Christmas wish list on the LEGO site. Then, you might have been selected to receive the slippers.

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fun lego slippers on amazon
LEGO slippers / Amazon

It has been reported that if the slippers were popular, they would open them up to be purchased. Unfortunately, I haven’t found them for sale anywhere, including eBay. The good news is if you’re a LEGO fan and need some slippers to avoid the pain, there are many other LEGO-themed slippers out there!

lego block slippers amazon
LEGO slippers / Amazon

There are several pairs available on Amazon that look just like giant LEGOS. They come in colors like red and blue, which are very reminiscent of many classic LEGO sets. Click here to purchase the slippers. There are also slippers that come with the classic LEGO man’s head on them. Click here to purchase those. These are generally for kids, but some seem to fit adult feet as well.

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These would make a great gift for a LEGO fan, or a parent that is sick of stepping on the toys all the time!

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