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Harness and Saddle Equipment Information

Note: We perform not offer sewing devices this is just my opinion on machine I have actually operated with for many kind of years. Harry

The manufacture of harness and also saddle equipmentneeds that you obtain the correct machine in order to createthe preferred stitching. The 2 a lot of prevalent form of Harnessstitchers are the needle and awl kind and the threaded needlekind depending upon just how thick the products are and how knowledgeable theoperator is. Many human being believe that the threaded needle kind issimpler for beginners to use. If you are interested in consideringthe purchase of a device, it is argued that you send samplesof what you intend to sew (including thread) to numerous dealersprovided on the Sew Fine, LLC pperiods and also ask them to sfinish you back a sewnsample done on the machine of option.

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Many sewing machine mechanics agree that as soon as amachine is worn out, it’s worn out and also no amount oftightening, adjusting, adapting, or shimming is going to deal with it. There’snopoint wrong via the machine except that it’s swarm. Eithergo ahead and also gain it completely reconstructed or buy a brand-new one.

Many of the dealers heralding on our site have actually digital pictures of a lot of of sewing devices listed above. We perform not offer typical sewing tools. We yet customize heavy needle work-related sewing devices and construct custom parts for one-of-a-kind applications. And we also build industrial sewing production approaches (jigs, fixtures, tables) and also the like. Please feel complimentary to call us about industrial consulting or machine modifactions.

Harry Shonteff

Description of HeavyNeedle Work Machines

Landis #1

This machine is probably among the oldeststitchers still in use today. This is a threaded needle machinefrom the late 1800’s. This is a bottom feed machine and isbasic to operate and also occupational on.

Landis # 6

Like the Landis # 1, this machine has been inbusiness for over a 100 years throughout the US, Canada,Australia, and also England also where it was initially made. Thismachine has a bullet shaped shuttle and will stitch 3/4 inchthick items via no trouble.

Singer 97-10

Many kind of agree that the 97-10 is the finest threadedneedle stitcher ever constructed. This will sew an hocolony 1" ofleather. The presser foot lifts to 1 1/4" high. The machinealso functions a 10" throat. The 97-10 has a needle feed witha jump foot like the FERDINAND BULL. This very hefty dutymachine is on a actors ion standing work height stand so you canget huge items right into it..

Singer 7 Class

This is my favorite hefty needle workmachine! Not only is it incredibly solid and also hefty dutythis big flat bed machine have the right to be uncovered in single needle doubleneedle through and also with out pullers,and parts are not tough to discover. Ifeel it is the strongest machine made for saddle and also hefty needleoccupational ever before made. The machines through pullers are the strongest Ihave actually ever before seen.

Landis # 3

This is another machine used human being wide byharness stitchers. It functions an 11 1/2 throat. It is slightlyless advanced and also a much less specific machine than the CAMPBELL,from which it seems to have been copied.

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Campbell / Randall

The Campbell and its’ clone the Randallare both lock stitch devices via a 9 1/2" throat. Theywill stitch an hocolony 3/4 inch of leather products. They will stitchabout 250 to 300 stitches per minute and use an awl and also 4 cords.


This is a wide throat machine. Most peopleagree it is basic to job-related on and also basic to operate.This machineuses a Jump foot needle feed and also can use awls 1 through 6.

Amerideserve to Straight Needle

This is among the smoothest stitchers everbuilt. It is also fairly sluggish making 250-300 stitches per minute.The machine is incredibly limited since it has actually only a 3"throat making it practically worthless for harness and also saddlework-related.


This is even more of a manufacturing machine stitching600 stitches per minute. But only about 300 equipments were everbuilt. It will stitch well over an 1" however the factoryrebuilt ones we have seen cost over $12,000.

Tippmann Aerostitcher

This is certain to be one of the mostinnovative devices on the market. The machine and the threadtake up are air powered. Presently tright here are just around 80makers in operation. Tippmann is going to produce about 300even more some day. This unique machine will certainly sew 3/4" products.

Nikajima 441 and also Juke 441

This machine has actually a 3/4" lift and will certainly sewroughly 5/8" leather and also webbing. The foot and also feedrequirements to be modified to work-related on leather bereason the gauge set isquite wide. This is a conventional needle feed walking foot machinewith a 16" cylinder arm.

Pro 2000

Manufactured on the frame of the Juke 441, thisis a 16" cylinder arm and will certainly sew 7/8" leather items.The Juki will only sew 5/8". The Pro 2000 is a needle feedwalking foot machine via a cylinder arm prefer the Adler 205 and370 .

Union Lock Stitch:

This is without doubt the best productionmachine made the people. First made in 1910, the Union sews up to3/4" and also has actually a 12" throat. It likewise sews 800 stitchesper minute. I believe this is the just NEW needle and awl machinemade in the US. This is a manufacturing machine and also willneed even more maintenance and also adjusting then a slower stitcher.

Adler 205-374

This is taken into consideration to be the initially heavycylinder arm walking foot threaded needle machine to be designed.Its forerunner was the 105-64 which was exceptionally effective. This isa tool duty machine that will sew 1/2"

Ferdinand Bull

Like the Adler 205-370 and the Pro 2000, theFerdinand also Bull is a hefty threaded needle stitcher with a14" throat and also is built on a 754 Consew or Juki head with ajump foot.

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Landis #16

Last however definitely not leastern is the Landis #16.This is a needle & awl machine, with needle feed. It will certainly sewaround 400 stitches per minute. But this good oldstitcher might be hard to acquire components for.

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