Kelly Ripa On Her Wardrobe Malfunction, Flash Of Pink Underwear

Kelly Ripa recently appeared as a guest on The Talk to wish her friend Carrie Ann Inaba a happy birthday and to reminisce on their windy day in Hawaii. “We were on set, and because she knows Hawaii so well, she knows that it gets breezy there. I just look at the temperature, like ‘Oh it’s 97 degrees I better wear this dress made out of paper mache,’” Ripa jokes.

“And [Carrie Ann] is saying you better have undergarments on or a swimsuit or a scuba suit or something… Because the entire time we are doing this cooking segment…” The clip begins to air as Carrie chimes in, “Yup! There it is!”

Kelly Ripa flashes pink underwear in wardrobe fail

Kelly Ripa Gets Real About Her Wardrobe Malfunction And Flash Of Bright Pink Underwear
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And so it goes, Ripa’s so-called ‘paper mache’ skirt goes flying up in the wind, revealing her bright pink underwear! Ripa doesn’t mind sharing the story and clip though, noting that it’s all in good fun.


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This isn’t the first time Ripa has gracefully failed in front of her following. Ripa recently revealed some beautiful family photos, and it resulted in her falling straight into the pool with a sundress on. Oops! The photos of the family are gorgeous with the whole family smiling and laughing until the last two shots… where you can clearly see Ripa’s life flashing before her eyes as she falls back into the pool.

We can always count on Kelly Ripa for a good, old-fashioned laugh!

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