Johnson & Johnson’s Acclarent Aera Balloon Dilation System

With the expansion in the indication of Acclarent Aera, Johnson & Johnson will be able to provide treatment to a larger patient population. Since the device’s US launch in September 2016, it has been used to treat more than 9,000 patients in the United States. Medtronic (MDT), Smith & Nephew (SNN), and Siemens (SIEGY) offer competing treatment options.

The minimally invasive technology with precise positioning and access provides a more efficient and more accurate treatment option for patients.

A recent study reported a success rate of ~99.7% of ETD treatment cases with Acclarent Aera. There were no incidents of adverse events related to the device or procedure. Patients also reported better quality of life after the treatment.

View more information: https://marketrealist.com/2018/03/johnson-johnsons-acclarent-aera-balloon-dilation-system/

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